Popular Questions

“We are awkward and don't know how to take good pictures, help!?!

Everyone feels this way, I promise! The worst thing you can do is stress, which I understand is really hard to not do, but if you stress it trickles down to the rest of the family. It's totally ok and expected for things to go wrong, that's what photoshop is for! We will laugh a lot, talk and enjoy your session and in the end even the dad's and teenagers will be saying "that was kinda fun"”

“Do you travel?

Yes, please take me with you on all kinds of adventures! A traveling fee will apply depending on how far we go, but if we go anywhere 50 miles from the Lincoln/Rocklin area we are good to go!”

“How do I see and order my pictures?

Usually within a week or two of our session I have your images edited and ready in your private online gallery right here on my site. I will reach out and give you the password and link once they are done and then all you have to do is add things to your cart and download. Best part is grandma in New York can also view and order just share the password!”

“What can I expect during our session?

Lots of patience and fun! Sessions are planned out and talked about before hand and let's be honest if you have kids they are calling the shots, so expect pauses maybe even a snack. As a mom of 3 and a former foster mom to 9, I am very confident that even if you think your kids are a mess we will get some cute pictures! Sessions are also long enough that we don't have to rush, we are creating memories and that takes time.”

“What should we wear?

It depends on your style and the location, but you can never go wrong with neutrals. I recommend not matching completely but picking a few colors that go together or even finding something that you love to wear and then styling the family around that outfit. Old Navy and H&M are great places to find dresses, jumpers and plain tee's that work well for the whole family. If you are really struggling contact me and we can go over some options. A great example is the family above!”

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